Wednesday, 12 June 2013

In The Beginning...

When I first entered the world of book art, I thought it would last for about 2 months.  I made a trip to my local charity store and bought 3 copies of the same book.  The saleslady kindly alerted me to the fact that they were the same book, but I told her I was not going to read them, I was going to fold them!  
Ohh... Mmm...  
I did fold the books, and place them in a bowl on my coffee table.  I thought they would make a nice conversation piece, and then I would chuck them out when they got old and dusty after a month or two.
Little did I know just how many hundreds of books would be transformed because of this.
I wrote a blog post about my first attempts in May 2008 and in September of the same year, I wrote an article on the subject for Elle Decoration
Since then, my own home has been decorated with numerous versions of book art, or bibliogami as I like to call it, and I have sold book art through my Freshly Found store, and supplied the Shaw Sisters too.
I hardly read books.  I am more of a doer.  But I have grown to know and love them intimately.  The various page thicknesses, grains of paper, bendiness of spines, yellowing of pages and my favourite - the 'bookmarks' that are left behind. 

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